Pennies for Patients Fundraiser

Pennies for Patients 4th Hour Fundraiser Information

Thank you for being a part of the Hero Squad and helping to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

LINK TO CALENDAR: PenniesandReadingMonthCalendar.pdf


· During our Pennies for Patients program, our students will have the opportunity to learn about kindness, bravery and how working together for one common goal will help us become proactive members of the community.

· The money collected will go to the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society, which funds lifesaving research for the most lethal disease children face, blood cancers, and provide aid to Michigan patients and their families. While other large cancer organizations target their mission investment on prevention and early detection, LLS invests in CURES because most blood cancers cannot be prevented or detected early.

Please hand out the materials to your 4th hour class and discuss the purpose of the fundraiser.

· On the letter to parents, go over how to register for your classroom page (which has already been set up for you). Go over the individual prizes students can earn for different donations given.

· One prize NOT on the parent letter is the Cedar Fair Ticket. You may want students to add this info on their note or on a sticky note.

-Students earn a free ticket to Cedar point or any other Cedar Fair parks if they raise $150 or more dollars online. (This prize is on the larger prize sheet you can post in your room).

-Please note: You can only earn 1 free ticket per online account regardless of the money raised. (Ex. $300.00 still only earns 1 free ticket)

-To get around this, once students raise $150, have their parents create a new account in their name. This way if they raise another $150, they will earn two tickets to Cedar Fair.

-I discussed this with the rep, and she is the one that suggested this

Go over classroom prizes that can be earned.

· The 1st place class will receive a pasta lunch courtesy of Olive Garden,

· The Second-place classroom will receive a pizza lunch from Dominos.

· 3rd place will receive Krispy Kreme doughnuts

· Any classes that reach a total of $500 or more will also receive cupcakes as well courtesy of Groovin’ to the Sweets.

As a class, set a classroom goal. Write it on the classroom goal sheet.

· Things to place in room:

· Calendar of event dates for Pennies for Patients and March is Reading Month

· Filled out goal tracking sheet

· Hero Squad Gear containing individual prizes

How to help make the fundraiser a success.

· Discuss ways students can earn money to bring in

· Use Schoology to set up reminders and to track progress

· Use resource videos (on Schoology) to help inform students

· Set classroom incentives- some teachers have done this in the past and it seemed to have worked well.

· Encourage students to participate in weekly events such as PJ/hat day and Pay to Plug. This year all of these donations will go towards classroom totals.

Thank you in advance for all that you do to help make this fundraiser a success!