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Welcome to Baker Middle School, home of the Bobcats!

Pennies for Patients Fundraiser has begun. Here's all the info!

We We will kick off the fundraiser with an assembly like last year.  It will take place Friday morning, March 9th at the beginning of 1st hour, and will last about 20 minutes. 

CollCollection for the fundraiser begins Monday March 12th and runs through Wednesday March 28th. 

  • The collection will take place in 4th hour classes due to the winning class getting an Olive Garden Lunch.
  • We will be sending down materials to participating classrooms on Monday Morning.  You will be receiving a class collection box, a classroom goal tracker, individual student collection boxes, and letters to go home with students about the fundraiser.
  • Each teacher also has a classroom fundraiser page that has been set up.

The money collected will go to the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society, which funds lifesaving research for the most lethal disease children face, blood cancers, and provide aid to Michigan patients and their families.  While other large cancer organizations target their mission investment on prevention and early detection, LLS invests in CURES because most blood cancers cannot be prevented or detected early.

 Last year we met our goal of $7,000, raising $7,643.45.  Not too shabby. This year we are setting our school goal at $8,000. After seeing Athens’s fundraiser total, this may not seem like much, however we will be happy exceeding what we raised last year. J 

 As incentive, the 4th hour class with the most money raised will win a pasta lunch courtesy of Olive Garden

The Second place classroom will receive a pizza lunch.

Any classes that reach a total of $500 or more will also receive cupcakes from me as well.

Coming up

During this 2 1/2-week fundraiser we will have the following fundraising days:

PJ day will take place Wednesday March 14th with a dollar donation

Bake sale at conferences-Staff baked good donations are welcome and will not be turned down unless Nadia is making them. lol

Pay to Plug at lunch will take place Wednesday March  21th with a $3 donation

Hat Day Tuesday March 21-$1 donation.
    • Friday at all lunches students and staff members will be able to buy a piece of duct tape for $1 to tape Mrs. Barbat to the wall.   She will stand on a chair, and hopefully  we will have enough students and staff who buy tape to tape her to the wall because at the end of C lunch the chair will be pulled away from the wall and we will see if she sticks.  So bring your dollars to lunch on Friday.  You can buy as many pieces as you want.

 Make online donations to your class this week.   Any classroom that raises $250 ONLINE during the Flash 48 weekend will receive a Hungry Howie’s Pizza Party!  LLS said any donations this week will count towards this week’s 48hour incentive giving.  Ask your teacher to share your classroom link if she or he already hasn’t so your class can earn this great prize

the links for online giving are below.  Big Plus-  Your Flash 48 dates are March 16-18 but if you get early donations online they will  count those for the Flash 48J



Classroom's Online Giving URL

Avery Classroom

Bai Classroom

Barbat Classroom

Becker Classroom

Berlin Classroom

Bollavaram Classroom

Booza Classroom

Cacaj Classroom

Chlebek Classroom

Cooper Classroom

Costello Classroom

Cross Classroom

Eve Classroom

Fahnestock Classroom

Gaglio Classroom

Gealy Classroom

Harnish Classroom

Herberholz Classroom

Hosbach Classroom

Hughes Classroom

Joseph Schmidt Classroom

Kemp Classroom

Kitty Schmidt Classroom

Krzeminski Classroom

LaTorre Classroom

Lenaway Classroom

MacIntosh Classroom

Maurer Classroom

McKenney Classroom

Melton Classroom

Minnella Classroom

Miramonti Classroom

Ms Kennedys 4th Hour

Oudsema Classroom

Payok Classroom

Pease Classroom

Quinn Classroom

Rasmussen Classroom

Renton Classroom

Shen Classroom

Taqi Classroom

Taylor Classroom

Traver Classroom

Uebbing Classroom

Ulewicz Classroom

VerMeulen Classroom

Xydas Classroom

Yatooma Classroom




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Kelly Millard | Outreach Assistant  

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society | 1471 E. 12 Mile Road | Madison Heights, MI 48071

Direct Line: 248.581.3891 | Student Series Staff: 248.581.3943 |